Apr. 6th, 2008

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3 down, 2 to go...

Last night was, in [profile] elger's words, our best one yet. While I didn't have the adrenaline buzz I had after Thursday's performance, last night's was, indeed, our most energetic, fast-paced, and smooth performance. Backstage things went very well, and in the beginning of the second half I got a huge energy boost, which had me grinning and doing little dances backstage. It was a great feeling.

I am enjoying this play so much. There are so many people involved, and almost everybody is so wholly committed that it almost makes me giddy. GUTS for me has always been a great group, uniting so many people working towards a common goal, but the feeling is amplified by a thousand this year, and the fact that we're doing this great fantastic project that so many people are reacting well to is just absolutely amazing. I will be very sad when it's over, but it's great to know that there is a very good chance that we'll be sold out on Tuesday.

This play is just so... so real. The set, the costumes, the sound effects, the light effects, everything is coming together to create this magnificent atmosphere that people can really get into. From what I've heard last night the audience laughed so little because they were completely sucked into the play. It's hearing things like that that completely makes up for not doing a curtain call. Although I have to say that after Thursday, I don't really miss it. There's really something quite great about going to the pub still feeling so powerful, so warrior-like. It's like, the battle's done, the war's over, now let's celebrate our victory (even though we've all kind of, you know, died.)

In other years, the actual performances sometimes felt like a final hurdle to take, the final path to the top of the mountain, but this year the performances are the trek itself, the entire journey.

I am just so very proud of all of us.
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Oh crap... I've only got 25 euros left in my bank account. Well, and 20 bucks in my wallet, but the 200 euros I thought I was going to get back from my health insurance turned out to be only 95, and it was paid two weeks ago.

Crapperdecrap. Crap.

EDIT: Just realized (in the bathroom. Why do so many good thoughts happen while in the bathroom? Anyway) that I'll be working at the bookstore from Friday onwards, which will pay me 80 bucks. So I will have 125 euros to survive until the 21st. That should work. Phew.


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