Jun. 20th, 2008

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Bless the person that invented karaoke. Never has there been a more suitable outlet for people who thoroughly wish to embarass themselves. I blundered my way through a horrible rendition of "Fire" before deciding that safety was definitely in numbers. Much belting was done on "Mustang Sally", and Naomi and I got our feminism on doing "These Boots Are Made For Walking". Sadly we were both wearing sneakers.

And today I am as hoarse as Phoebe, I can't get bloody Aerosmith out of my head (although the being hoarse makes for a nice singing - it also helps that I can actually hear myself) and I miraculously do not have a hangover, even though I had at least five vodka. I can't help but wonder if red vodka has a lower alcohol percentage than the white stuff. Whatever the reason, I am grateful because, even though there were a grand total of four people in the store today (three of which were customers) having a hangover would have made it much worse. Luckily, today was a fast day, and it was six o'clock before you could say oilsp.

I feel thoroughly debonded - how about you?
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Blegh. Failed World Lit.

Aw, man. I just wanna be fucking rid of that course. And I don't know what it is that I can do to pass that exam, because I just don't think that I have it in me to think about these texts the way that Dragstra wants me to.

Humph. Well, at least it's a good excuse for chocolate.


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