Jun. 10th, 2008

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Although, I have to say, the real procrastination happened last week, when on Monday, in that sweltering heat (even in the morning my room was like a sauna) I decided to rearrange the furniture in my room. So I lugged my bed, which easily weigh at least 30 kilos (or more, I don't really know. It's just very heavy), to the other side of the room, and shoved my couch and coffee table into the space previously occupied by the bed. But then the couch was sort of shoved into a corner, which was a little depressing, so I put it in the middle of my room, at an angle. But then it was just this lost island in the middle. The bed was alright, even though it seemed to grow three sizes. Also, I had to remove the ladder leading up to my little attic-in-the-attic. Guess where I put it? In the attic. Seems a little silly, yes? I slept in the bed that night, and it was fine, although my bedside table was suddenly on the other side, which was weird. And when I sat up the next morning, I was hit in the face by the sunlight coming through my window. As well as this, my tv was suddenly at the foot of the bed, so watching tv in bed was not very pleasurable. So the next day, when it was still really hot, I put it all back.

Hey, at least it was a good workout.

Didn't manage to watch Once Were Warriors yesterday, so I'm gonna do that after I've taken a shower and bought yoghurt and muesli.
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God, I hate Once Were Warriors. No, actually I don't. It's a really good film. It's so strong in its portrayal of the Maori that have lost their way in the modern world.

I just guess it's worse watching it for the second time, because you know what's coming. And even though the first time around I had no time to prepare myself for what was going to happen, knowing that the scene where Jake beats up Beth or Bully rapes Grace is just around the corner is just... not good. Yes, I know there is a better word for that, but watching the film has exhausted me. Literally. I was all fine and perky and caffeinated when I started, but now my entire body feels slow. There had better be a question on this film on the exam, because I don't want to have watched it for nothing.

Guh. Maybe I'll reward myself by watching last night's CSI. I should do more studying, but I'm afraid I'd fall asleep. Hopefully endorphines from the gym this afternoon will wake me up.


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