Apr. 24th, 2008

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Deep breath...


I lost weight, I lost weight, I lost weight, lalala lalala lalala lalala la laaaaaaaa!

It's not leaps and bounds and it's the first time in a long time that I've weighed myself, but I've lost appr. 4 kilos and that is awesome so I'm a happy camper. Clearly the smoothies of banana, lean yoghurt and a bit of Nesquick I've been having almost every morning are taking effect, as they sustain me practically until dinner. Sometimes I have a bit of a snack at 4 (healthy or otherwise), but overall, I'm pretty sure I'm eating less. Which is Wheee! and weightloss is Wheee! and I've bought anti-cellulite stuff, which will hopefully also be Wheee!

Ok, I'm all Wheee'd out now. That probably sounds pretty disgusting. Whatever.

Also went to the doctor this morning (nothng serious, don't worry) and my brother is back home and I've talked to my mother, so everything is pretty much fine in that department as well. The thing I was so happy about last week turned out to be a dud, but that's actually alright since at least I had a very good day. Was of course a bit overshadowed by the happenings of the evening, but now that that's fine again the memories are restored. Also did very responsible financial stuff yesterday and studied for a bit, before giving up and watching McCleod's Daughters. I also made my bed, which is always very nice. Love the feeling of crawling under clean sheets, even if it's only with my cat biting my toes. Actually, he doesn't do that. He bites my elbow.

I was going to say something else, but I forgot. Couldn't have been very important, then.

Somewhere next week I will have my hair cut, and then I will scour the Queen's Day flea markets, and then it's my birthday. I will turn a whopping 25, and I plan on making that a quarter of my life. Yes, dear readers, I shall live to be 100 years old! I have decided this.

I think I shall shortly go and register at the job agency across from my street, and then maybe buy a nice shirt or something.

Oh, I remember what I was going to say (it is not very important indeed, but blah): this afternoon, I shall go to the gym once more with Jeannie. I shall work hard and lose more weight and be a butterfly at the end of summer. Not that I'm a caterpillar right now, but you get the point, Y/N?

Anywho. Good day so far, feeling better than the past week.


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