Aug. 26th, 2009

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So, this morning (about an hour ago) my doorbell rang. I answered it, and a woman said: "Bill collector for E." Having my first minor heart attack of several I've had in the past hour, I stammered to say he wasn't home right now, to which she replied: "Ok, I'll just leave it in the mail box, shall I?" After she'd left I went down the mailbox to retrieve a large envelope from yet another bill collector's company. Then I proceeded to do what I believe is a felony or at the very least a misdemeanor in the US: I steamed open the envelope (you'll all lie for me, won't you?). Inside were two documents, one stating that E needs to pay his water bill asap or they're gonna come get his stuff (which, as you know, is still my stuff) and another one which I didn't quite understand but which also said that he needed to pay asap or the shit would hit the fan, or something of the like. It was a lot of legalese.

I, er, yeah. It's ehm... hoo boy. Oh dear. Gee golly. Well. Y'know. Shit.

In short: if anyone knows about a house, an apartment, a room, a garage, a trash can that I could move into real soon, I'd appreciate hearing it. Also, if and once I get out of here, I will report E to Nijestee. This asshole is going down.


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