Aug. 23rd, 2009

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I quit my job yesterday. Just like that. And I'm supposed to feel relieved because that job was beginning to make me a little suicidal, except that I did it in the wrongest way possible: halfway through my shift. Before I'd even finished my first route (which, due to the unexpected rain and thunder, took much longer because I wasn't wearing water resistant shoes and I had to go into the town center to buy a raincoat - after which it pretty much stopped, of course), I called up my team coach and said I was going home after finishing it and that he should find somebody else to take my second route.
Obviously, he didn't like this at all, but I was so desperate that I actually stuck to my guns and said I wouldn't do it. Because that job, for the past two months, has seriously made me want to walk under a car. Even though it was only one day a week, my feet were growing into little horny lumps and my wrists have been hurting and ultimately, the phrase "disgruntled postal worker" is so much more true than you could ever know. Except that I'd morphed into a homo/sui-cidal postal worker.

However, that's not just due to the job. I am simply not doing well. At all. Contributing factors are: 1) my supervisor completely slammed the introduction to my thesis, so much so that I refused to work with her and am now starting all over again, which means that I won't graduate until the end of the year. 2) I moved. In and of itself that's pretty great, except that it cost me a lot of money, it's an illegal sublet, my "landlord" is an idiotic egomaniacal electronics salesman / comic creator (a bad one) that didn't pay his taxes which means the county deurwaarder is coming to knock on my door next Thursday to take 1500 euros worth of my stuff (probably). Landlord (we'll call him E) said he'd took care of it and asked for a kwijtschelding (sorry, too lazy to get the dictionary), but the bureaucracy is slow and yada yada yada. Of course, if and once they come I'll surely explain that I'm not E, but then again, he's still registered at this address and I'm subletting it illegaly (did I mention that stupid move?) and oh oh oh it's all just going to hell.

I never should've taken this apartment. I'm thinking back on it and realizing that I didn't think it through at all. It all just happened so fast. I reacted on Monday, and by Thursday he called me back to say that I could have it. And I was so blinded by the fact that something like this was finally happening and it was happening so fast that I just didn't step back and say "Whoa. Think about this for just a minute."

Plus, the floors are so hard to keep clean.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm getting out of here asap, except that it's really hard to find anything remotely roomy in my price range. At Kamernet, the square footage goes down dramatically once you go below 500 (plus, they very often don't allow pets), and markplaats has pretty much the same. There's a lot of official websites, such as, but most of the landlord (which are often companies) ask for a secure job with a pay at least three times the rent. Now I've been thinking about a construction where maybe my mother (who has a secure job) could rent a place that I'll live in and then I'll pay her, but it would have to be okay with the landlord or renting company, because I don't want to get in trouble again.

I'm trying to see this as a learning experience, but I sure as hell am not enjoying it.


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