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And then I did two very scary things, and it turned out pretty much okay. Plus, I've learned that it really pays to be a cute, semi-little blonde.

At the gemeente, I got to talk to the actual deurwaarder, and learned that he could actually take my stuff, unless I could prove that it was all mine. This would either have to be by showing receipts for everything (which I obviously do not have), or getting a notary to document all the possessions in the house and signing something saying that it was mine. Which would cost me 900 euros. So far, definitely not good at all. Ultimately, I showed the guy the contract E and I signed (because the girl at the rechtswinkel advised me to do so), and he immediately surmised that this was an illegal sublet. This is where I fibbed a bit, because I pretended not to know. He made all sorts of noises about calling Nijestee and all that, which was a little scary. But to be honest, at that point I was in such a strange mood of elated resignation that I didn't really care anymore. However, the deurwaarder did tell me that E had contacted him, and that he would come by and pay the huge debt Wednesday at the latest. Anyhoodle, after a lot of talking with this guy, who looked like a scary mobster (shirt collar open, gaudy gold necklace), he turned out to be perfectly nice and hopefully a little sympathetic to the innocent face I was pulling. I had also asked him what would happen if he came by on Thursday and found the house empty, to which he replied that he would get the police and make a report stating that verduistering had taken place. All this, however, would be against E. In this whole mess, I am legally responsible for absolutely nothing, so that's a good thing. Ultimately, the guy said that he would *not* be coming by on Thursday. We are going to wait and see if E shows up on Wednesday or earlier to pay his bills, and I got the deurwaarder's work and mobile number, to call on Monday or Tuesday to see what has happened. After that, we'll see. If E still hasn't paid by that time, the deurwaarder can still come by. If that happens, I think I will empty this house for the time being, and perhaps put everything of E's that is in the basement in here.

I do, however, need to find a different place to live, I think. Because as this guy put it, because I'm registered at this house together with E, it could mean trouble in terms of stufi. I do seem to remember warnings from the IBG several years ago that if you lived in an illegal sublet you actually aren't eligible for stufi at all.

I also went by the TNT today to hand in my bike bags and work clothes. I decided on the way there that I would hold my head high, apologize and take any anger that was directed towards me, because I deserved it. Not that that stopped me from being nervous. But as I walked in, it turned out that there wasn't really anybody there. Of course, it would have been nicer of me to see if my team coach was still around, to say a proper good bye, but unfortunately, I just wasn't that courageous. So I left my bags and put my letter of resignation on the desk. One chapter ended.

I'll see what happens with the deurwaarder, but for at least a week, things are okay.
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