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Today my mother and I went to Fontana Nieuweschans, and it was very lovely. We spend some time in the salty bath thing, took the massage street twice, were massaged by a waterbed and got wrapped in a champagne algae gel (actually, there was no actual champagne in the gel; the lady told me this secret. I kind of wish she hadn't). So now I'm all kinds of relaxed. My muscles are supple again. That's very nice.

And then I get slightly less relaxed when people start comparing abortion to the Holocaust. And I refer to [livejournal.com profile] dracothelizard 's explanation of how it isn't. I left a comment on her post about how much I admire her for being able to respond to this in an intelligent and coherent manner, because the first thing I do is sort of gasp for breath, and then the only thing I can think of are a lot of insults.

Pretty much regardless of my personal views of religion, what I cannot grasp is people who are so completely... what's the word? Entrenched? Yes, entrenched in a certain way of life that anything outside it is quite often immediately given a great big stamp of disapproval. Things are responded to with such animosity and hostility that, for me at least, it is almost impossible to re-respond, so to speak, with anything other than the abovementioned gasping for breath and disbelief.

I just don't quite get it, you know?

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